Pacemaker+Corosync cluster configuration for Apache

Test configuration for Apache cluster.

node1 –

node2 –

VIPA(floating IP) –

Vagrant file for deploy VM’s:

Packages corosync and pacemaker should be installed to all nodes. I did it via Ansible playbook.

Overview – it’s floating IP (VIPA)

VIPA is one of resource from cluster. All resources will be running on node1. Node1 and node2 are checking health each other. If node1 will down, floating IP and other resources will be runnning on node2. In this example we have only 2 resources – floating IP and apache web service. Also we can add any service like a nginx or mysql to all nodes and add resources to cluster configuration.

Node1 configuration:


Configuration all resources

crm(live)configure# show

Node2 configuration:

Configuration all resources on node2

crm(live)configure# show

Checking clusters status:

root@node1:~# crm status

So, we have two resources on cluster. It’s VIPA(floating IP) and Apache website.

Next time I will be writing about troubleshooting linux cluster…

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